how to use double-sided tape?

How to use double-sided tape?

How to used double-sided tape?

Everyone has used double-sided tape knows because its operation is simple can good understand how to use it, but many things seem simple, it is not so easy to do well. Although the application and operation of double-sided tape is very simple, a careful people will find out everyone uses double-sided tape in different ways, and the final bonding effect achieved by double-sided tape is also very different. If you want double-sided tape to achieve the best bonding effect, COLONG would like to suggest you follow the below 4 steps to figure out how to use double-sided tape:

  1. The first step is to choose the temperature of use: it is no problem to use double-sided tape under normal indoor temperature, but it cannot be used in very cold environments, such as outdoor temperature with minus degrees Celsius. If double-sided tape is used directly in the cold environment, the desired bonding effect will not be achieved.
  2. The second step is to clean the surface of the adherend: before applying the double-sided tape, we must clean the surface of the adherend and keep it dry. You can use water or alcohol to clean it. Please make sure that the surface of the adherend is clean, no dust and no stains.
  3. The third step, when sticking the double-sided tape: firstly stick the open side of the double-sided tape to the surface of the adherend, then stick the double-sided tape slowly along the direction of adherend. Please do not press the double-sided tape by hand directly when sticking , and please cut off the double-sided tape when finishing stick.
  4. The fourth step is to exhaust: this is a very important step. The exhaust has a direct impact on the effect and service-life of the double-sided tape. Pressing the double-sided tape directly by hand cannot achieve a good exhaust effect, and it will cause bubbles inside the double-sided tape. The professional method is to use a roller to slowly roll from one end of the double-sided tape to the other end. It will achieve a good exhaust effect, and the double-sided tape will stick more firmly.

After completing the above four steps, you can tear off the release paper of the double-sided tape for the final adherence process.

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